Vincent Catani Collection ID Exhibition

July 27th 2022 was a big stepping stone for me. I had created my first eyewear collection and this exhibition was a tribute to all that hard work. The event had been in planning for a long time and finally it was time to make it happen.
The event was held in my hometown Helsinki, Finland at a club in Kallio called Post Bar. If you are ever in Helsinki I would recommend going out to Post Bar. Also Siltanen and Kaiku.
It was very important to me to have my launch exhibition in Finland. I had my closest friends and family there so it meant a lot to me to be able to show them what I have been doing. 


The Exhibition

The exhibition was held in the dance room of the club. You got into the dark room to jazzy hip-hop music playing. You see 12 spotlights shining on 12 sunglasses that are displayed on individual floating mirrors, it looked hella dope. We were able to also choreograph the lights to change the tint and color to match the music. We had smoke from a smoke machine to really jazz that shit up. 
The music for the exhibition was carefully curated. We made a playlist for the exhibition that was strictly in line with the brand campaign, hip hop and jazz have a strong influence in the Collection ID campaign. 
Next in the lineup was a DJ friend OZ Mayo who also helped me curate the playlist. He played a set of 90s hip-hop music for the next couple hours. 
To finish the evening off was my talented friend Alex Boman. At that time we had emptied the exhibition from the dance floor so we could start partying. 
The exhibition was a huge success and a gathering of close family and friends. This event was the perfect way to launch my collection at home and show everyone what I have been working on for the past 2 and a half years.

Invitation and Moodboard 

The invitation was made by Miska Kettu, we wanted to make an invitation to resemble an old concert poster. Popping colors, different fonts, and art illustrations.