My passion for sunglasses has been around since I was a little kid. My dad was a big eyewear collector, and when I was young I loved to dress up and play characters. The eyewear was always the cherry on top for becoming a rock star, a rapper or a movie character.

My love for sunglasses has only grown over the years and is to this day the perfect accessory for bringing your outfit and character together.

Skateboarding and the culture has also played a big part in my way of life, and how I portray myself. Everybody is equal, welcome, and encouraged to be the way they want to be. It has always been a safe environment for me. It also gave me freedom to dress and look the way I wanted which has played a big role in the development of my style. With my brand and this collection I strive to inspire the same values, be who you want to be, look the way you want to look, and feel good about it.

The sunglasses I design are to elevate your outfit and give it the perfect balance. The designs can be very bold, and stand out. Or it can be a great detail to your look. My intentions for this brand is to be able to produce great long lasting products both through function and design. 

Yours truly Vincent Catani


Vincent Catani is a Finnish designer born in 1996. Based in Copenhagen Vincent  focuses on unique, innovative design, and achieving it by partnering with people who provide top materials and craftsmanship. The Sunglasses are crafted in the city of Sabae in Fukui, Japan which is the home to the world's best eyewear craftsmen and houses. When you buy Vincent Catani Sunglasses you will look good, feel good, and have an appreciation for the product you've bought, which is why Vincent Catani promotes buying less and buying better.