I have decided that I will start writing a brand journal. I am not by any means a writer but I think it will be nice to go back and reflect on interesting moments. It's a journal so you will be reading and seeing stuff that happens with my brand.  
In this first issue, I will write about what happened during the week of the collection launch.



June 16th, 2022. It was a sunny day filled with suspense and nerve-wracking situations. That Thursday I received the last shipment of Sunglasses from my collection. I was now ready to put the last pieces in place to launch. I called my photographer Roni and told him that today is the day we take the product pictures and set up the webshop for release. Everything else was in place and ready to go. After work, Roni came over and we set up the studio in my apartment.

Time is now 03.00 am Friday 17th of June when Roni and I finish editing the pictures and have them ready for the webshop. When we were done at 03 am, we launched it right after. In the morning I woke up to hundreds of messages and likes on my SoMe accounts. I made a scheduled post during the night of the launch for 7 am. After 3 years of working on this collection and building my company, it was finally out, it felt surreal. I am not a morning person and was tired from the night before. After my coffee tho I turned on my speakers and played Otis by Jay-Z and Kanye.

This time of the year is the annual CPH Open, it is a skateboarding competition where the best skaters in the world visit Copenhagen and skate. It is the best event of the year for me. My good friends from Finland were in Copenhagen for the event and were able to celebrate the launch with me, which made it all the sweeter. That entire week was a fucking emotional rollercoaster and the best week of my life.



During that weekend I had many people come over to try on and buy pieces from the collection. I still had a hard time enjoying what was happening, it was so in the moment everything was happening, that I didn't have time to think about it. That's why writing this journal is nice because it lets me revisit these meaningful moments.

Today we have come a long way with the brand and the collection is available in stores in Copenhagen such as Holly Golightly and Studio Stars. The collection has been received very well by the public and I am looking hella forward to sharing with you more stories about the progress.


Yours truly